South Africa: A Cape Paradise

South Africa is not just a safari destination — it attracts people from all around the world with its hip neighborhoods, eco-friendly tourism and unique history.

Mexico City: Ruins of A Drained Swamp

Mexico tourism is mainly focused on the coastal regions and Mexico City is rarely listed as a top travel destination. Whenever it does get attention, the population and high crime rates can be deterring… for all of these reasons, Mexico City, officially known as Ciudad de México (CDMX) had never made it to the top of our list. However, when presented with an opportunity to do a quick 3-day getaway, we didn’t think twice! As we learned about the complex history of the city, which served as a capital to Aztecs, Spanish Empire as well as Mexico, there were no regrets!

Japan: Trains, Temples and Noodles

Ever since I got into watching Japanese anime and fell in love with classic movies like Tokyo Story and Rashomon, it’s been a dream to visit this island famous for its samurai, advanced tech, and delicious food!

Although I’ve always felt positive about Japanese culture (despite its troubles), I was under the impression that people who traveled to Japan were exaggerating how amazing everything was.
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Southern Utah: Water’s Journey through the Wild West

From the moment I stepped foot onto the Southwestern states, I sensed a deep connection with the region — from the mighty rivers to the grand valleys and endless deserts, it’s almost like you are watching nature shape itself in real time.

After two shorter trips in 2011 and 2014, we planned the ultimate “canyon craze” road trip in late August of 2017, taking us through many national parks, tribal lands, and cute little towns.

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Paris in 24 hours

Even though I had a very tight schedule, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to visit Paris, one of the most iconic European cities. As a result, I found myself with less than 24 hours to see dozens of sights.

To make the most out of my time, I purchased a day pass to the French bike-share company Velib, allowing to move from one point to another more quickly. Luckily on this early-April day, the weather was just warm enough for a pleasant ride.

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Iceland: Ever-Changing Beautiful Landscapes

Imagine an island separating Europe and North America, home to dozens of volcanoes, topped with some of the largest glaciers outside of the Arctic. A country with only 300 thousand inhabitants and over a million sheep (!), attracting over 2 million tourists every year. Where active volcanoes keep adding new land via lava eruptions, waterfalls keep bursting out of the mountains as glacier ice melts from geothermal heat…

Our Iceland trip in the Spring of 2017 involved circling the entire country in just 9 days!

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